The ITIL Certification Register

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Welcome to The ITIL Certification Register.

This is a voluntary register for ITIL professionals. It is organized into three distinct segments, each reflecting one of the three levels of certification for ITIL.

To view those who are registered for a specific ITIL certification, simply click on the appropriate link below.

If you have obtained an ITIL certification, and wish to be included in the register, the process is free and relatively straight forward. Simply navigate to the appropriate certification page, and cleck on the 'edit page' option in the bottom right hand corner. You should then be able to enter your details.

The ITIL Foundation Certificate

The ITIL Practitioners Certificate

The ITIL Managers Certificate


Our contact details are provided on our contact page. Please note that we can only respond to issues related to this register, and not to ITIL training or the process itself.


For information on ITIL itself, we recomment the open/public initiative: The ITIL Open Guide

ITIL - The IT Infrastructure Library

ITIL Certification. ITIL is a registered trademark of OGC. LN